Volunteering is the main pillar of Hidepark. None of this would exist had there not been a group of volunteers who wanted to transform an illegal waste dump into something more.


You can take part as a volunteer in various ways:


Every weekend from spring to autumn we meet here at Hidepark to work (mostly manually) on the space, whether it’s general maintenance or small repairs. We also do bigger jobs a few times throughout the year, where we repair the main road or build something new. Manual labour is a great way to clear your head, get some fresh air and also get some work done.


We do a lot of events throughout the summer, which we often need help with – for example rearranging the seating, helping out with technical equipment, or selling tickets at the entrance – there’s always something. Good company and loads of fun guaranteed!


If you want to do your own thing at Hidepark – like building something, or a new event – we’re here to help. If your project fits into our concept and programme, we’re in!


How to get involved:

We’re posting open calls and opportunities for volunteer work to our facebook group: HIDEPARK - dobrovoľníci.

Or, if you find yourself at Hidepark on a weekend and see us working there – feel free to join!

At the beginning of every season we organise public planning meetings. These are discussions between the public and the people organising the events, and they are a great gateway into everything that’s happening here at Hidepark.

If you have any sort of an idea, feel free get in touch at or through our Facebook page.